Thursday, August 1, 2013


After five years of friendship, we've decided to create this little blog together. We both find ourselves alternately flourishing in & struggling with the in-betweenness of this time in our lives. The twenty-somethings are an age of becoming, of transformation & self-discovery. It's also a space in which there seem to be few definitive guidelines and almost no clear paths between where we are and where we will be. Sometimes it's just hard. It can be difficult to be content with where we are in the growing process - in our relationships, jobs, homes, goals. We believe the lost art of the twenty-somethings lies in curating a life we love right now. This is what we want to focus on in our writings here -  exploring and celebrating where we are in the present moment, rather than waiting in dissatisfaction for an unrealistic blog/Pinterest-perfect life.

Not all aspects of our lives are going to be wonderfully fulfilling all the time (9-5 desk job? We hear you!), but what we choose to do with our free time, where we choose to place our energy and find happiness, is up to us. We happen to share a mutual love of writing, style, photography, decor and event planning, and we've both noticed that if we're not careful, we don't always find the time (& honestly, the energy) for these creative endeavors. We're hoping that having a place to share these interests will push us to develop them further. There's almost nothing so instantly rewarding as creating something simply because.

Every town has local gems to be discovered, places you won't find anywhere else. We love exploring our city, finding new favorite places & returning to old ones, feeling more at home here all the time. We'd like to share our Raleigh with you as we continue discovering it, and we hope you'll be inspired to seek out adventure in your own towns & find what makes you feel at home there.

Maybe sharing our experiences and thoughts seeking this lost art will encourage you through your own journey. We'd love to see glimpses of how you're navigating it all. Feel free to comment or message us anytime!


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