Thursday, August 8, 2013


     Being a native of the South, summertime to me is about lightening bugs, muggy nights, thunderstorms, blueberries, & swimming. I long for these things while the dry skin, itchy tights & chill of winter have got me down in mid-January (well...excepting muggy nights) and when warmth finally gets here, I try to make sure I capitalize on the merits of the season. As I get older, schedules get jam-packed and the seasons fly by so quickly. Having a little one makes me consider more which traditions and memories I hope he has of childhood summers when he's older and managing a busy schedule of his own. For that reason it's important for us parents to slow down and make sure we take time to be still and experience the present with him. He'll only be two once, and I want to make sure we don't miss out on the magic of fireflies as he's seeing them for the first time in his life. With that in mind, here is my list of the summertime experiences I hope for this year:

1. Go swimming in the Eno River. I grew up in the Bull City and this was always a favorite getaway. 

Photo by Exactly (She takes the most lovely photos!)

2. Catch lightening bugs in a jar with Jack (carefully).

Photo from National Geographic (linked article includes tips for photographing fireflies)

3. Eat blueberries on home-made ice cream.
Photo & Recipe from Real Simple 

4. Fall asleep to a thunderstorm. 

I took this photo when a wild storm was descending on Raleigh a few months ago.

5. Drink a chocolate malt milkshake from Cookout
Photo from The Tiger News

What will you and yours be up to this summer?

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