Saturday, August 3, 2013


If you are a lover of beautiful flowers & plants + fresh, local produce, the farmer's market should be your best friend. Especially if, like us, you try to emphasize whole foods in your diet, and get frustrated with pricey supermarket produce spoiling so quickly. Often, farmer's market produce is harvested that morning, so fruits & veggies usually keep quite well, and taste super fresh & delicious. And because you are buying straight from the farm, you're supporting your community while paying for quality, locally grown food, rather than for transportation & store mark ups - win/win! We typically go on Saturday mornings, before the heat of the day really sets in. Word to the wise: after about 9:30 am, it's packed! Do yourself a favor & wake up early, browse the market, & then treat yourself to hand-crafted Boylan sodas (we highly recommend the black cherry & cream flavors).

We stopped for coffee at Morning Times on the way home. Perfect coffee shop to sit outside & enjoy your iced lattes & peanut butter cookie with a side of people (& dog!) watching. They serve locally-roasted Counter Culture coffee and the menu is mainly comprised of farm fresh recipes with an emphasis on Southern classics (Grilled pimento cheese or fried chicken club sandwich anyone?). The space historically homed a newspaper company called The Raleigh Times (Morning Times being the morning edition), and the new coffee-shop tenants have thoughtfully preserved historic details that make the space so interesting. Upstairs is a comfy gallery room with couches & local artists' work. Easily one of our most frequented coffee shops.


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