Friday, August 16, 2013


     This Sunday, August 11th Daniel, Jack & I trooped downtown with a huge group of friends from church to hit up the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo. As Daniel pointed out, "This ain't our first Rodeo." We tried before back in May and all nearly died of heat stroke because that time it was a noon event. Hot, but nonetheless delicious. This go round the event was planned for the evening (very good call!). We walked from our house down to Fayetteville Street and hotly debated which truck to eat from. We definitely knew we wanted pork, so the Urban Street Grill looked promising (and very sleek, I might add). But we ended up agreeing upon The Humble Pig! I've seen this truck often parked around Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, and have always wanted to try their fare. Plus, their truck is incredibly cute! We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, a beef brisket sandwich, and the beer battered fries. Pro tip: find a spot in the shade to eat. We were able to stake out a shady spot on the steps of the Post Office on Fayetteville street. There are tables set up on the sidewalks as well, which are nice if you can snag one large enough to accommodate your group.

The next Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo is scheduled for October 13th from noon-5 pm, if you'd like to give it a try! The Humble Pig hogged the spotlight on this trip, so to be fair, here's a list of a few of our other favorite local food trucks. The best way to catch one of these guys is to follow their twitter accounts:
Pie Pushers for delectable pizza.
Porchetta (pronounced PORK-etta), for Tuscan pork sandwiches.
American Meltdown for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. 

And for your listening pleasure ;) "This Ain't My First Rodeo" the 1990 hit by Vern Gosdin:

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