Monday, August 5, 2013


I have to confess: I don't consider myself a summer person. I find the sticky southern heat overwhelming - there are times when any amount of clothing is too much, and each time I open my closet, I gaze longingly at my favorite sleeved dresses & stacks of cardigans made utterly useless by the season. Mosquitoes respond to my hatred with undying love. No matter how great my hair & makeup look when I walk out the door, an hour later frizz & a general melting feeling have taken over. And my work schedule doesn't generally allow much in the way of vacationing, so photos of friends' amazing week long trips & adventures leave me a bit jealous. Summer just isn't my thing.
But. I try to remember how unbearable the middle of winter can be, and enjoy the warmth & sunshine while I can, stockpiling summer memories for the days I'm wishing icy rain away & dying to wear summer dresses. And some perfect things are just intrinsically tied to summer, so I've made a little list of things to do over the next couple months, humidity be damned. 

1. try new cooling treat recipes
some of these yummy looking popsicles
perfect homemade iced coffee

2. go night swimming
beautiful photo by Fabio Leone

3. day trips to the beach
(In July I went to Topsail & Atlantic Beach, and I'd like to visit Wilmington one weekend soon)
4. see a few local concerts
(Hopscotch is coming up & Alabama Shakes are playing Sept. 20th! I'm counting that as summer.)

5. host a summer get together
(so inspired by the A Simple Evening events planned by Megan Gilger of Fresh Exchange, especially these photos from an end of summer celebration)

What things are on your summer checklist?

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