Sunday, August 11, 2013


Last Monday I (Danielle) began a new job, and we went out for drinks afterwards to celebrate/de-stress. Sometimes knowing that girl time + cocktails are on the agenda makes a day at the office go just a little bit better. It can be difficult to find time in our quite different but equally as busy schedules to hang out/catch up/plan blog things, but we try to carve out a bit of time once or twice a week, even if it's just to grab a cup of coffee. So we took full advantage of Monday evening, visiting three of our favorite downtown bars.

Our first stop was Raleigh Times for a snack (yummy cheese fries, to be exact) & some sidewalk people watching. The Times is sort of the "go to" Raleigh bar & restaurant, and is super busy around lunch and on weekend nights. With good reason - it boasts 4 bars, including one upstairs with a balcony patio, a comprehensive beer selection, and excellent food. And of course, like attached Morning Times, great sidewalk seating. We recommend basically the whole menu, but especially the burgers, pork pulled nachos, & spinach artichoke dip!
(Funny side story - they recently stopped selling PBR in an effort to moderate the clientele a bit...hipster turn down haha)
Our next stop was Foundation, an underground bar with speak-easy vibes. They specialize in local options, craft beers, and seasonal cocktails with fresh ingredients. It's dimly lit and quiet in the evenings, perfect for sipping & talking. Sarah went with whiskey - Old Fitzgerald 12, and I had a Southern 95 - a spin on a French 75, made with champagne, vodka, local honey, & peach bitters (good, but a tad on the sweet side for me).
We finished the evening at Landmark Tavern, my personal favorite Raleigh bar. We love the patio out back, and the bartenders are always funny and nice. On the weekends it gets pretty crowded, but during the week it's calm with a great atmosphere. (Sarah is a bit accustomed to fancier cocktails, and I love when she has to figure out what to order at a basic bar...gin & tonic is her safe bet.)
Where do you head after a long work day?

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