Tuesday, August 20, 2013



This cocktail was a creation of my husband, who graciously allowed me to publish it on this blog. The inspiration comes from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (obviously). At some point in the book, Gatsby is described drinking a glass of green chartreuse, a sweet but herbal liqueur. I was (somewhat foolishly) inspired by that line to try sipping green chatreuse neat, and in case any of you are curious, 'twas a bit too rich for my taste. Maybe it was equivalent to sipping neat whiskey for those decadent 1920's drinkers...who's to say? Those were different times. I think the below recipe makes excellent use of the distinct flavor of the liqueur without overwhelming the modern drinker. The sweetness of the chartreuse is cut by the gin, and the dry vermouth lightens up the complexity of the drink. The balance between the three makes it a refreshing but interesting cocktail, similar to a martini, but a little something different. 

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