Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I drink this particular smoothie almost every. single. day. I'm one of those people who finds foods they like & doesn't vary a whole lot. Sounds boring, I know, but it just works for me. Especially since eating paleo and being away from home all day can be pretty difficult. This smoothie takes me just a couple minutes in the morning to make, I can drink it on my way to work, and it keeps me full for around 5 hours - a win in my book!
You could of course make changes to the ingredient list, use a different kind of milk for instance, or add berries if you're so inclined; these are simply my preferences. I've found that the banana is necessary if, like me, you are weird about textures, and the smoothie is much better cold, so using frozen banana slices is key! (Just pop them in a ziploc or on a baking sheet, depending on how much room you've got in your freezer, and pull them out when you need them.) Add the spinach & then the banana to the blender last, it helps weigh everything down to be mixed well. Blend & enjoy!
(Makes about 16oz; you could split it if you're not drinking it as a meal.)

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