Thursday, August 29, 2013


My little mister turns the big Three this September, and this will be the first year I have the time/motivation to throw a DIY'd theme party. I have been mulling over what theme would represent his interests as a budding pre-schooler and finally got it down to two options: 
no. 1) Where The Wild Things Are (one of his top three favorite books)
no. 2) The Circus (this encompasses his love of animals, popcorn, and tents)

I showed Jack these collages...

and he chose...
The Circus! I think the mini-hotdogs were what solidified his choice because he pointed to those repeatedly. So now I am planning in earnest! I know for sure there will be mini hotdogs, homemade ginger ale, popcorn, animal cake toppers, and some type of tent & banner. For links back to the sources for these pictures check out my Pinterest board (most of the ideas are from Oh Happy Day!). 

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