Tuesday, September 3, 2013


that road I drove so many times, I could still find my way in the dark after all these years

the kitchen floor of the house I did my growing up in, pressed against my back with it's cool comfort, pushing everything else away when I couldn't

the smell of cigarettes & the cologne of the first boy who stole my heart

the passenger seat, half asleep

where my mom is

4am, deliriously awake & laughing with a friend

the place beneath where your rib cage joins & the way my hands fit there

where my books are

that indescribable feeling of holding a brand new baby, a brand new person who will become anything & everything, a special brand of hope elsewhere unattainable

the memories I all but forgot, surfacing suddenly & catching me smiling

the windows down & my favorite song

where I don't have to wear pants

the magical place in my sheets & blankets I wake up in, knowing once I move, will disappear

the constellation I can always find

where my closet is color organized & the hangers all match, & my bed is never made

home is when I feel most like myself


  1. You never cease to amaze me...

    1. Well thank you, though I'm not sure who you are :)